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About those cups

Bake-In-Cup variety of colors and patterns

Beautiful and convenient!  Let your creations stand out with Bake-In-Cups!  Choose from one of our huge selection of designs or let us customize your Bake-In-Cup so everyone will recognize your masterpiece!  

It's all about presentation

If you're looking to elevate your products with spectacular presentation, looking for ideas for new creations, looking to stand out from the competition or put your distinctive brand on your baked goods, Bake-In-Cups can help you "wow" your customers.  

  • Attractive colors and patterns in 2 sizes allow you to create the accent needed to bring out your treats.  
  • Easy to handle and transport!  Its sturdy paper allows you to pick it up and transport it easily.
  • Color and designs stay vibrant.  Traditional baking cups gets soaked with grease after baking and loses its design and vibrancy.  Bake-In-Cups keeps its beautiful vibrant color for a popping presentation.   
  • Less Greasy!  Bake-In-Cups have better grease barrier than traditional baking cups keeping it fresh looking longer.
  • Stand out from boring white or brown crinkly paper cups.  Your unique products deserve unique packaging that makes your customers go "wow"!
  • Most importantly, Be Known!  Once your treat is out of its box, does anyone know that is Sara's Cupcake or Daisy's Muffin?  Brand your creations with customized solutions from Bake-In-Cup so every treat that you make gets the credit it deserves by identifying your brand.

It's as easy as Fill - Bake - WOW!

Convenience a must

Of course, we can't get by on good looks alone!  Bake-In-Cup also makes it convenient for bakers to streamline their operations.  

  • Just Fill and Bake(TM)!  Bake-In-Cups makes creating beautiful, scrumptious treats easier than ever!  Just fill the cups with your batter, put on a baking sheet and directly in the oven to create eye popping merchandising.  
  • More than cupcakes and muffins.  With baking temperature up to 375°F, you can create individual treats only limited by your imagination.  Use it for hot dips for an elegant presentation.  Its versatility is beyond baking.
  • Freeze them.  These cups can go into the freezer allowing versatility in your operations.  Bake your products, freeze them and take them out as you need.
  • No pre-greasing or messy clean ups with these cups.  Who doesn't like that?
  • Bake, package, serve, store and sell all in one container saving cleanup and transferring goods.  Now there's efficiency!
  • Versatile for all uses.  Bake what you want, as many as you want.
  • Increase output.  Put more cups on a sheet instead of being limited allows you to bake more products!

Still not convinced?  There's nothing like trying it for yourself!  We offer free samples for you to try AND a 100% satisfaction guarantee!  Let us make your life sweeter one cup at a time!